Hip Hop Science Spaza competition winner recording

By Xolani Nkunzi (Boom Science Kids)

June the 29th was one of the greatest and best days of my life as I was invited by the Science Spaza team to Durban to record my hip hop Science Spaza track professionally!

It was my first time travelling by flight and I did not know that the sky was always blue even when you are above the cloud altitude and was so overwhelmed by excitement. When I got there, at the airport I was met by one of the Science Spaza team members and on our way to the studio we had a very productive and motivating conversation. We finished recording the track a bit late but I had an opportunity to visit the famous USHAKA MARINE WORLD!!.

Time as always was running so fast  but I made sure that I spent every second to the fullest and it was so hard to say good bye but I did not say good bye instead I said "see you later" that made me a bit better and with a blink of an eye I was again in a flight back home.

I'm grateful and thankful that I got a chance to teach science using the universal language (music) and  I learnt that experience is much more better than matter.

Thank you  Science Spaza!  

Knowledge is really ncah!!

Listen to the track here

Announcing Winner of Hip Hop Science Spaza 2015 Competition

BoomScienceKids2015.jpgCongratulations to the 2015 Hip Hop Science Spaza Competition winners!

 They are the BOOM Science Kids, from Lungisa Senior Secondary School, Eastern Cape. Their song ‘The Universe’ was selected by the Science Spaza team and will be professionally recorded in 2016!

The theme for 2015’s Hip Hop Science Spaza was “The international year of light and light based technologies”. The contestants had to create a hip hop song using four scientific facts on this topic. The BOOM Science Kids delivered a fun and funky song which captures the essence of what the universe is and how it flows like the rhythm of hip hop.

“The universe, the galaxy, the solar system with all the lower systems, they all happen in time and they all have rhyme…”


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If you and your club are interested in being a part of the 2016 Hip Hop Science Spaza Competition, keep following @ScienceSpaza on social media for details!