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SKA Edition November 2018

Our latest edition of Spaza Space is themed around the newest edition to South Africa's telescope family - The MeerKAT Radio Telescope.

Here is our latest edition of Spaza Space, along with fun activities that will be distributed to 150 science clubs and 30 science centres in all 9 provinces of South Africa.

Download Spaza Space and the SARAO insert here (this will open in a new window).


Get ready to download and complete the fun activity worksheets below (each worksheet will open in a new window)



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National Science Week
(30 July - 4 August 2018)

The theme of this year's nationwide celebration of National Science Week was 'Deepening Democracy through Science'.

Here is the National Science Week edition ofSpaza Space along with fun science activities that will be distributed to 150 science clubs and 30 science centres in all 9 provinces of South Africa.

Download the Spaza Space here (this will open in a new window).


Download your National Science Week 2018 activity worksheets here! Click on the worksheets below. (these will open in a new window)

innovating_power.jpg flies_protein.jpg grassroots_innovation.jpg

machine_learning.jpg mathematics_and_water.jpg sundial.jpg


Download your National Science Week edition of Spaza Space and Activity worksheet here!

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ScienceSpaza_NSW2017_Worksheet4_RockArt_thumbnail.jpg             ScienceSpaza_NSW2017_Worksheet3_Palaeo_thumbnail.jpg

ScienceSpaza_NSW2017_Worksheet2_SA-Rocks_thumbnail.jpg            ScienceSpaza_NSW2017_Worksheet1_Rhino_thumbnail.jpg


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Spaza Space - Edition 2 2017

Get a copy of Spaza Space Edition 2 and activity worksheets. (These will open in a new browser window...)


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Get your latest copy of Spaza Space and activity worksheets NOW!!!

Check out the SPAZA SPACE No 1, 2017


Science_Spaza_Spaza_Climate_Change_worksheet_2017.jpg ce_Spaza_Spaza_Big Data_worksheet_2017.jpg


ce_Spaza_Spaza_The_Agulhas Current_worksheet_2017.jpg ce_Spaza_Spaza_First_Light_worksheet_2017.jpg


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Science Spaza National Science Week 2016 Resources

Spaza Space - National Science Week 2016 Edition with Worksheets!!!

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 One Home.jpg           RRR.jpg

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science spaza resources 2016

Get your latest SCIENCE SPAZA Hip Hop Health Facilitator Manual and Worksheets Now!!!


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