Prof Dlova's Skin Care Tips - Acne

Did you know that treating acne the wrong way can actually make it worse?

But hey, don’t stress! This comic will show you how to get the help you need.


ScienceSpaza_Comic-1-Opening-Frame_Acne.jpeg ScienceSpaza_Comic-1-frame-1_Acne.jpeg ScienceSpaza_Comic-1-frame-2_Acne.jpeg ScienceSpaza_Comic-1-frame-3_Acne.jpeg ScienceSpaza_Comic-1-frame-4_Acne.jpeg ScienceSpaza_Comic-1-frame-5_Acne.jpeg ScienceSpaza_Comic-1-frame-6_Acne.jpeg ScienceSpaza_Comic-1-frame-7_Acne.jpeg ScienceSpaza_Comic-1-frame-8_Acne.jpeg ScienceSpaza_Comic-1_Closing-Frame_Acne.jpeg

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