World Science Forum 2022

The Science Spaza team was at the Department of Science and Innovation's World Science Forum 2022 - the first to be held on the African continent!

The team enjoyed the opportunity to engage with learners and partners around science outreach.



How many of our readers imagine a future with robots? The future is now! Artificial Intelligence

(AI) allows machines to learn from their ‘experiences’ and adjust to new inputs to perform tasks in a

human-like fashion. Here are some cool ways that AI is being used today:

AI Website version.png

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Have any of you noticed the way that social media, apps, smartphones and artificial intelligence have changed the way that we interact with each other and relate to each other? It has even changed the way that we do things. In the same way, the worlds of manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and governance are being impacted by new “smart” technologies. These technologies will change the way our society works and how we relate to one another at many levels.

Before we try to get a better grasp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, let us have a look at a timeline of previous industrial revolutions.

Industrial revolutions timeline.png

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We can't believe that it is already time for all our readers to go back-to-school! 

In this edition of Spaza Space, we focus on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4). Find out about previous industrial revolutions, artificial intelligence, robotics and all the changes that IR4 will bring.

Finally, catch up on the launch of South Africa's most advanced satellite - the ZACube-2!

We wish all our readers the very best for the year ahead, and look forward to interacting with you in 2019!

Spaza Space January 2019.png 

Download the fun activity worksheets below (each worksheet will open in a new tab)

Big data worksheet thumbnail.pngFun with robots worksheet thumbnail.png


Thank you to the Department of Science and Technology for partnering with us on this edition.



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